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[Job Thread] White Mage
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23rd Jun 2014

Here is the thread for white mage discussion! Have fun talking about how great our AoE healing is and how badly we wish he had better MP management.

I'm going to focus on tips and tricks I have noticed in second coil first, I'll write the rest of the guide later.

For the most part T6 isn't too bad there are just a couple things to  pay attention to.
For the Tank(s):
Pre-leafstorm: Regen and Cure should be enough to keep the tank up by themselves, maybe a cure II if it procs before the swap where they take more damage after a cleave.  All in all just stick with regen and cure to keep your MP up. 
Post-leafstorm: If you are feeding the slug then the OT is going to get hurt a great deal here until you kill the powered up slug.  Freely use cure II, and even be prepared to beny if you have to.  Also, make sure the MT at least has a regen up on them and keep an eye for a cure II, while Raff won't be hitting as hard as the powered up slug, they still hurt.  After that happens just focus on the MT, go back to using regen and cure when healing the tank unless they need it to conserve MP.  The OT will gather the 2nd set of slugs and run around like a ninny here, put a regen on them, they shouldn't get hurt too much as long as they don't get like 5 tethers. Swarm is some ability that after a couple seconds the tank tanks a bunch of damage, try to keep them topped off when you see it.

For the DPS/Healers:
If you can spare it using Medica II before tethers spawn on the set where devour happens can fix a lot of situations before they even start.  In the event 2 people with tethers run together, or people run into briars and whatnot, you will be glad they have medica II up before spot.  If it was all clean, you might only need a medica to cure after spit, since Medica II will still be up and finish off topping everything up pretty quickly.   If you have a cure III proc, or people took a large amount of damage use cure III here instead.  If you are using Briar method toss a regen or a cure to the person in the briar to keep them up before SPIT.
 As soon as you see honey cast a regen  on that person.  The regen will heal them during blighted while the bee attacks them.  If the person with the honey dies, bad things will happen.  Try to prioritize them at the same level as the tanks.
Try to keep Medica II up since literally everything is going to take damage in this phase from lasers and tethers.  Spot heal anyone else that get's poked by anything, and use a medica or Cure III if necessary.
T7 adds some fun challenge for the healers, because you get to stop everyone from dying to renauds.  And if they unfreeze, its all your fault and everyone hates you.
Positioning:  For the most part try to stand in the center of the arena, this protects you from shriek, keeps you away from the exploding ranged dps, makes the adds spending more time to get to you if bad things happen, and let's you stone renauds easily.  Just make sure that you and the other healer coordinate on Renaud stoning.

Turn off face target in character options, target.  You can spend the entire fight facing away from the battle, this helps a lot, especially in later phases. 

Before Adds:   Regen and cure should keep the MT up, use a cure on the ranged DPS after they blow up.  Try not to use regen on the ranged dps, as great as an idea as that sounds.  Every regen generates threat, and having 3 of them up will draw the adds fury when they spawn, and horribly tail swipe you, and probably the other healer. 
During the 3 Deathdancers:
Keep regen up on both tanks, and pay a bit more attention to the OT than the MT, those death dancers really hurt.  Use Eye for an eye on the OT for the 2nd add and use Virus on the 2nd add, so the Scholar should have it back up in time for the 3rd and final Death dancer. 

Archers:  Congrats!  You are now allowed to use Medica II and regen all you want!  So for this part the archer have no aggro table and attack whoever they want so you can either spot heal each person as they get hit, or just use Medica II.  There will be a marker that appears above a person, this means they will get hit a whole bunch.  It probably won't kill them unless they are low, toss them a cure and maybe a cure II and they should be fine.  Rings are going to start to explode here, try to stay in the center, but move to the edge of the middle ring when you have too.  If you need to stone the renauds, usually the middle will blow up and you will have time to run back to the center then stone them.  Usually.  Otherwise you will have to run to them from the side, and ideally not stone anyone back there killing archers.

Prosecutor: Make sure you are facing away from the prosecutor the entire time they are up, only turn to restone renauds if you get voice. 

Final phase:  Face away from Melusine the entire fight, you really have no reason to ever turn to look at her.  Keep regen up on the MT and drop a medica II if you have the MP since it makes it so you don't have to worry about the ranged dps and helps with venomous tail.  Speaking of which, make sure melusine is focus targeted so you can see when that is cast.  Use esuna on whoever get's immediately, don't care if the SCH is using leeches, esuna that thing off.  Each second it is up, everything is taking thousands of damage.  Odds are, they are going to take a tic or two regardless of how fast you are, hence why Medica II should be up. 
T8: Coming soon.
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23rd Jun 2014

I like casting Medica 2 and sometimes i cast Aero
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