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Roleplay Days and Theme
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4th Jul 2014

The Swords of Orlandaeu

A free adventuring company supported by the Sultana, TGCid is made up of the best of the best of adventurers. Recruited invite only through a letter given to adventurers of significant deed.  Run by the Paladin Baerys, The goal of this free company is to create a network of high quality adventurers willing to take on risky, if not downright lethal work. While the official allegiance of the company is to the Immortal Flames many of the adventurers serve their own needs and goals, albeit with the willingness to come when the Sultana calls. 

Roleplay Events

Role nights will be weekly, most likely on Wednesdays or some other day when statics or sales are not usually running. If you're interested in running with the events drop a post here with what kind of stuff you'd be interested in doing and when you'd be available. Rather than just getting together at some pub, the idea is that we'll actually go out and do things In Character. Be it something simple like the adventuring log or something more focused like doing roulettes and dungeons ICly.
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7th Jul 2014

I'm interested in participating, my character is a member of the Flames IC and it would be easy to put him in that context - although his personality can be a challenge to deal with sometimes. We can talk through FC chat later about details.
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8th Jul 2014

Y'sami's always up for helping out and being the hero. Lichacha can be around for somewhat shadier dealings if needs be. I've got another character idea that I'm just waiting for Balmung to open for character creation, got an idea of how she can be part of the FC too if it's alright for an RP alt to join.

Y'sami Rhea - DRG/WAR/MNK/BRD
Lichacha Licha - WHM/SMN
Skype: ysami.reah

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16th Jul 2014

I like the are pees.
May start some sort of Forum Journal for Byrt's day to day IC dealings since I don't get to RP much.and have a bit of story to write for her (if it wouldn't bother anyone for me to make, that is)
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